About and History

The firm CARIFRO Consulting Engineers is the amalgamation of the old established Partnership of Gardner & Carpenter and the firm of Adams & Frost.

Adams & Frost was founded in 1987 after David Frost and Barry Adams relinquished their directorships of 8 years with a multi-disciplinary practice. In 1990, Barry Adams left the firm. This led to the amalgamation with Gardner & Carpenter to form CARIFRO Consulting Engineers. Michele Rivarola became a co-founder of the new firm.

In our ongoing pursuit of our Black empowerment goals, we have sponsored the University education of a number of young Black Engineers, Technologists & Technicians. Presently, HDI members own *75% of the company and the founding members retain 25% of the shareholding.

Our staff complement consists of Professional Engineers, Professional Technologists, NDip and BSc Engineers, Technicians, draughtsman and administrative personnel. A further number of site staff varying between 5 and 10 are employed on a per project basis.

CARIFRO has a long history with an abundance of experience in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields.

As we look forward to the year ahead, and commit to a continuing relationship, we pledge to continue delivering a quality driven service as best we can.